Interview Series: Taking Stock of Cold War Research

The Cold War was a global conflict and Cold War scholars are among the most international of academic communities. Research on this time period is not just a collaborative effort of scholars from all over the world, it also provides an umbrella for all kinds of historical fields of study and related academic disciplines. In the past 25 years, these international, historical and interdisciplinary approaches have converged and merged into what is today called "Cold War Studies". Classic and new forms of political, diplomatic, and military history meet cultural, intellectual, and environmental history; social and economic histories engage with the history of science, emotions, and knowledge. All of this is enhanced and influenced by impulses from the area studies, international relations, security studies, and cultural studies.

But in which direction is this ship sailing? What is the difference between Cold War Studies in Great Britain and Japan? How do the research interests of a Swiss cultural historian converge with those of a German political historian? How does an American expert evaluate the availability of Russian archival documents? Which topics, actors, and time periods currently enjoy the most attention? These and other question will be addressed in our seven interviews with accomplished Cold War historians from Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Switzerland, and the United States.

This seven-part series is a cooperation the Berlin Center for Cold War Studies and the Military History Portal. The interviews were conducted by Dr. Christoph Nübel (Humboldt University of Berlin) and Dr. Klaas Voß (Hamburg Institute for Social Research).



13 June 2016: Prof. Dr. Bernd Greiner (Director of the Berlin Center for Cold War Studies and Fellow at the Hamburg Institute for Social Research – Berlin/Hamburg, Germany)

20 June 2016: Dr. Svetlana Savranskaya (Senior Research Fellow at the National Security Archive, George Washington University − Washington, DC, USA)*

27 June 2016: Prof. Dr. Benjamin Ziemann (Professor of History at the University of Sheffield –Sheffield, UK)*

11 July 2016: Prof. Tsuchiya Yuka (Professor of International Studies at Ehime University – Ehime, Japan)*

18 July 2016: Prof. Dr. Hermann Wentker (Director of Research at the Institute for Contemporary History Munich – Berlin − Berlin, Germany)

1 August 2016: Lic. phil. Sybille Marti (PhD Research Fellow at the University of Hagen – Hagen, Germany)

15 August 2016: Dr. Frank Reichherzer (Research Fellow at the Center for Military History and the Social Sciences of the German Army (ZMSBw) − Potsdam, Germany)

The interviews marked with * are in English.


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Christoph Nübel, Klaas Voss, Interview Series: Taking Stock of Cold War Research, 06/13/2016, http://www.berlinerkolleg.com/en/blog/interview-series-taking-stock-cold-war-research (please add the date of the last call to this page in brackets)

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