Marie-Janine Calic

Photo: Marie-Janine CalicProf. Dr. Marie-Janine Calic
(Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich)


Tito and Yugoslavia's "active peaceful coexistence" policy in the Cold War

This project examines the ideological, political, and cultural historical dimensions of Yugoslavia's doctrine of "active peaceful coexistence." Within this context, it scrutinizes the conditions, motives, and actors, driving this new policy, as well as individual attempts at mediation and moderation. What role did Tito himself play? What functions did his party apparatus perform and to what extent did domestic developments influence this policy? What were its ideological, institutional, and societal anchors? The project also asks how prevention and mediation strategies – as well as the rise of multilateral systems – affected non-aligned Yugoslavia and Tito's regime. How much did "active peaceful coexistence" serve to legitimize Tito as the figurehead of multinational Yugoslavia, to embellish his personality cult, and strengthen Yugoslavia's identity and cohesion as a state?

Marie-Janine Calic is Professor of East and Southeastern European History at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. Previously, she worked as a senior researcher at the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, in Ebenhausen and Berlin. From there, she was seconded as a political adviser to the Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe in Brussels, and to the UN Special Envoy for the Former Yugoslavia in Zagreb. She is member of the Editoral Board of the journal Südosteuropa, has written numerous works on Southeast Europe and is a frequent commentator on Balkan issues in the media. Her most important publications include Südosteuropa. Weltgeschichte einer Region (Munich: C.H.Beck, 2016) and Geschichte Jugoslawiens im 20. Jahrhundert (Munich: C.H.Beck, 2nd ed., 2014).

Prof. Dr. Calic is a research fellow at the Berlin Center for Cold War Studies in 2017/18.

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