Black Sea Institute (BSI)

Black Sea Institute
30 rue de Croix fontaine
77240 Seine-Port

Dr. Michael Eric Lambert
Tel. +33 (0)672029900



Established in April 2016, the Black Sea Institute (BSI) is an independent research center dedicated to the analysis of European, Russian and Chinese affairs in the Black Sea region. The research and debates that BSI engages in are reflected in highly regarded publications in Europe and Canada.

The Center is not taking any institutional policy positions. Our research team is publishing a range of views from our members and external contributors, free to express their own view on the issues related to the Black Sea area.

The BSI brings together key actors from the broad policy community in Europe, Russia, and China - politicians, officials, media, academia, diplomats, business, unions, NGOs – during events and conferences.

Cold War Interests: 

The team of the Black Sea Institute focuses their research on Soviet heritage in the Black Sea region, like Soviet military pieces of equipment in Abkhazia. More generally, they are concentrating on Cold War strategies and consequences on security, and the weaponization of history by Russia and the European Union/United States for strategic interests, especially in the South Caucasus. Soviet history and memory, as well as Soviet industries and agricultural policy in the Caucasus, but also, the story-telling of minorities, mentalities and traditions are topics of relevance for their work. Therefore, an interesting project is a book at the Presses de Sorbonne Université on "Seeds of the Soviet Union: Origins of de facto states". They publish their results in form of reports, Blog articles, and videos on their website, in the "Journal of Black Sea Studies" and other forums.

The BSI is also a registered member at the European Network – Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS) in Poland and currently involved in projects with partners like the École Doctorale d'Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine at Sorbonne University dealing with the History of the Cold War.

The Institute has a Twitter (@BlackSeaIns) - and Facebook-Account (@blackseainstitute).