Odense Bunkermuseum

Odense Bunkermuseum
Kragsbjergvej 99
5230 Odense M

Tel. + 45 (0) 50 59 05 99
(only between 3 pm and 6 pm)

Opening Hours:
Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 4 pm
Free Guided Tours at 11 am and 2 pm



The command bunker of Odense, Denmark, was intended to offer shelter in case of a – most likely nuclear – World War III. It stands as it was left in 2008, when the bunker was deactivated from the Danish civil defense-system. Nothing has been changed, therefore the bunker is as complete as when it opened as a museum in 2013.

Initially built in 1954, the bunker has two parts which are connected by a tunnel. The second part was not built until 1988. The community did not finish the décor in all rooms as the Cold War ended before completion. In these rooms there are now displays and exhibitions that tell stories about the Cold War, for example, about the Danish Homeguard and the Danish Civil Defense from the Second World War up to the present. Also, it offers a great exhibition about the GDR and the Warsaw Pact with many special items collected privately since 1990.

The Museum is a private initiative and organized by volunteers.

Cold War Interests: 

| The exhibition in the Odense bunker shows the untouched objects of a Cold War bunker. It shows permanent as well as temporary exhibitions which are all related to the East-West-Conflict.

| Once a year, the Odense Bunker volunteers invite people with cars and military vehicles from the Cold War to their 'Historic Bunkerday'. Also, the Danish civil defense, police and fire department drop by and show their equipment and vehicles.

| The Odense Bunker cooperates with the Langelandsfort which also runs a Cold War Museum.

| The Odense Bunker Museum staff runs a Facebook page.