The Berlin Center for Cold War Studies

In March 2015 the Berliner Kolleg Kalter Krieg | Berlin Center for Cold War Studies began its work. The Center is a joint project of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research, the Institute of Contemporary History Munich-Berlin, the Federal Foundation for the Study of the Communist Dictatorship in Eastern Germany and the Humboldt University Berlin. More

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A world map of Cold War cultural and research instititutions

Research Agenda

"Grenzen des Kalten Krieges | Compromising the Cold War" - this leitmotif reflects the research focus of the Berlin Center for Cold War Studies. More


Interrogation Nation: Refugees and Spies in Cold War Germany
Keith R. Allen’s recently published book represents a path-breaking contribution to the history of refugee screening by Western intelligence agencies in Germany during the Cold War. Review by Douglas Selvage.


In our media libraries you can find and download podcasts of the Center's public events and pdfs of all our blog posts, organized thematically.


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